Visits «a la carte»

If you are visiting St. Petersburg for the first time, we recommend you next visits.

NB! The minimum guide’s reservation —   3 hours (the duraion of the visit may by 1-2 hours, but you must pay for 3 hours)


Visit  Duration  Available
St. Petersburg City tour (by car / coach)  3 hours  Every day
St. Petersburg city walks (no transportation)  2  hours  Every day
City tour + Fortress of Peter and Paul (by car / coach)  4  hours May-September:Every day October-April: Except Wednesday 
City tour + St. Isaac’s cathedral or Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood (by car / coach)  4  hours  Except Wednesday 
City tour + Fortress of Peter and PaulSt. Isaac’s cathedral (by car / coach) 5  hours Except Wednesday 
The Hermitage (no transportation)  3-4 hours  Except Monday
The Russian Museum                                    (no transportation)  3 hours  Except Tuesday
The Russian Museum +Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood (no transportation)  4 hours Except Wednesday  and Tuesday
The Yussupov’s palace (no transportation)  3 hours   Every day
The Menshikov’s palace (no transportation)  3 hours  Except Monday
The Russian Ethnographical museum (no transportation)  3  hours Except Monday and last Friday of a month
Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky (no transportation)  3 hours Except Tuesday
Peterhof (Petrodvoretz): Grand Palace and Park  (by car / coach)   5 hours Except Monday and last Tuesday of a month
Peterhof (Petrodvoretz): Monplaisir and Park
(by car / coach) — may — september
 5 hours Except Wednesday
Peterhof (Petrodvoretz): park
(by car / coach) may — september
 4 hours Every day
Pushkin (Tsarskoe selo): the Catherine Palace (by car / coach) 5 hours Except Tuesday and last  Monday of a month
Pushkin (Tsarskoe selo) and Pavlovsk
(by car / coach)
7 hours Except Tuesday,Friday, first Monday  and last  Monday of a month
(by car / coach)
 5 hours Except Friday and first Monday of a month 


I can organize excursions for you to all of the interesting places of St. Petersburg, Moscow and its suburbs.

All sightseeing tours will be personalized according to your preferences and interests.